26 Sweet and funny sister birthday quotes and wishes

26 Sweet and funny sister birthday quotes and wishes

How to say the right words to your sister on her birthday,Now you can choose from this list of sweet and funny sister birthday quotes.

26 Sweet and funny sister birthday quotes and wishes

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“My dear sweet sister,I hope your special day is blessed with sunshine and smiles laughter and love.”


“On your special day I wish you only smiles and joy.I hope ur day is special just like you! ”


“There are a lot of sisters in the world, but you are without a doubt the best.”


“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.” —Amy Li


“May god bless you with lots of love and happiness.I will always treasure the childhood I spent with you.”


“You look beautiful today and you only get more beautiful with each year.Happy birthday to the best, finest, greatest, coolest, grooviest and bodacious


“In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.” — Author Unknown


“You are so sweet, kind, and thoughtful. You can make me laugh harder than anyone else.”


“I am so lucky to have such an awesome sister.So lucky to have such a wonderful woman in my life!”


“SISTER! It's your birthday!!!! there is no sweeter word in the entire world than “sister.””


“you have been both a joy and a pain in my life,I’m lucky to have you for a sister.”


“Friends come and go, but sisters are forever.We are and will always be with you!”


“S: Sweet I: Ingenious S: Strong T: Tender E: Entertaining R: Rocking SISTER.I’m lucky enough to be your brother. ”


“Sisters like you make the world a better place.Thank you for being such a great sister.Wish you a Happy Birthday!”


“I hope that today will bring you unending happiness,wish you good luck, lots of happiness and love.”


“I hope you know how much I love you,nothing is more valuable to me than you.Have an amazing birthday”


“I’m so glad to have you and you’re such a sister.I hope you enjoy every minute of your birthday.”


“The ways you touch my heart can only be done by a sister.Happy Birthday to the sweetest sister ever.”


“Wishing you a Happy Birthday.You are an amazing sister, I love you with all my heart.Dear sister,  Happy Birthday!”


“I want to make you smile the way you’ve always made me smile. I wish you a very special birthday!”


“Celebrate your birthday with maximum happiness!You always deserve the best, sister.wish you a life full of wonder, joy and prosperity. ”


“you are my cute, loving sister.Happy Birthday to my fantastic, wonderful, great, super, beautiful sister!”


“I promise to keep all your secrets, to flood you with gifts and never to miss a chance to make you smile.Happy Birthday, my dearest sister.”


“A sister is like a different flower from the same gardenYou are a beautiful gift to this world and to me.Wishing you a fabulous day of joy and happiness!”


“I could travel all over the world and never find another sister as great as you.I sure lucked out. Happy Birthday.”


“You have always been the best sister so you don't have to change a thing.I hope this year ahead brings you nothing but wonderful.”

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